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Why you should hire a local wedding planner


For a long time I’ve thought a lot about the importance of writing a story about the benefits of hiring a local wedding planner vs. a foreign wedding planner for your wedding abroad. I concluded that my story could inspire many to showcase their work in this industry that we have all built together over the past 15+ years.
I was born and raised in Mainz, with lots of friends and a loving family, but I always longed for my Split and Croatia. 16 years ago I moved to Croatia to study and decided to stay here. To date it was the best decision I have ever made.

Many couples, as their wedding planning approaches, find the language barrier to be an obstacle. In my opinion, speaking the Croatian language is neither mandatory nor an advantage to provide the best service. It is crucial to know the mentality and habits of the local people very well, which I am still learning, even though I am Croatian! Things in Croatia don’t work like they do in Germany or Switzerland and they can’t be handled that way either. I call it having the necessary “fine touch”.
Croatia is proud to be one of the leading countries in organizing the most beautiful, unique and highly professional events and weddings in Europe, thanks to so many entrepreneurs who have worked for decades to keep destination weddings at the highest level.

As a German-Croatian wedding planner, I was often asked: Is the service of a German wedding agency better than that of a local wedding planner?
No! In Croatia, most of our reputable colleagues are highly qualified and certified professionals with many years of experience in the events and wedding industry.
Their services meet the highest European and world standards, partly due to the high level of education of local people, multilingual teams and local knowledge.
Wedding planners from abroad, regardless of which country they come from, very often work with exactly the same service providers as local Croatian wedding planners.
One thing we are very proud of is our transparency. We believe in healthy competition for the bride and groom. That’s why you can find all the information about every vendor hired at our weddings on our social media as well as on the website. All information is easily accessible for everyone.

However, note the effort that local planners had to make to improve services from all providers in order to meet European standards, which was and is no small task. This is also a reason why many planners recommend vendors they have worked with before and have grown together.

Are local Croatian wedding planners cheaper than abroad?
Yes! Because the fee for the local wedding planner is based on Croatian standards.
For wedding planners based abroad, you pay at least 60% more. Please note that this does not include any additional travel expenses.

I am proud to be Croatian and part of this amazing industry – talented highly professional colleagues from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Istria, Split and many others. That’s exactly why I always say to my friends from abroad: Book a Croatian! You will not only get the professional to work for you. You will also get a soulman to do this flawlessly and with the heart.

Photo: Saša Adamović