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Promessi symbolizes two kindred spirits, soul mates promised to each other for eternity. We are a part of that promise; the ones who help you create and treasure lasting memories of the most unforgettable day of your lives. They say that promises made on the wedding day are forever. What is written in the vows that you exchange on that day is something to hold on to in days of happiness and even more in days of hardship. This is why we know that the most valuable promise we can give you is not just a perfectly organized wedding; it is a sense of being there for you, no matter what.

Wedding planner Croatia - Hochzeitsplaner in Kroatien

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Ivana is the creative lead of the Promessi team. Hard working and dedicated a true perfectionist who makes sure that every detail matches perfectly the location as well as the unique vision and personality of the couple. Kind, easy going and warm, she is the one who listens carefully to the couple’s wishes and concerns, making sure that their wedding tells the story of their love and reflects their unique personality. She is a confidant, the person who will speak the words of reassurance, comfort and inspiration from the first moment she meets the bride to mere moments prior to the ceremony. The thing that makes her heart skip a beat is the moment when the bride walks down the aisle and everything that was meticulously planned for many months comes together in perfect harmony.

Tina Ponoš - Wedding Planner Croatia
Tina Ponoš

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Tina was born and raised in Germany which left a great impact on her character and working skills – everything she does is technically perfect, taken care to the last detail and runs smoothly. Her love for Croatia and Split in particular led to a perfect fusion ideal for wedding planning, joining Management with event planning. She handles impossible situations with incredible easiness and positive attitude, which gives great comfort to the bride-to- be as well as other members of Promessi team. With Tina, there is nothing that can’t be done.

Wedding planner Croatia - Hochzeitsplaner in Kroatien
Jelena Link

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If there’s one thing that is the most demanding when you plan a destination wedding, it’s the legal support and paperwork. Jelena is the one who handles most of the hard work behind the scenes, making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding. She is the anchor, someone who brings peace in chaos and laughter in the most demanding situations. You can always count on Jelena, especially in her ability to find answers when everybody else would already give up. A musician at heart and by vocation, which reflects on everything she does – her work incarnates perfect accordance and comes as music to ears.

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Anita Pelaić

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Anita is young, talented, energetic person with years of experience in event management. Great love for the Mediterranean took her form the hometown Zagreb and created passion for Adriatic destination weddings. As Hvar is her second home, we can undoubtedly say, that she’s a “feel good specialist” for Hvar island. She finds great inspiration in authentic venues by the sea, traditional estates with remarkable gourmet program and gems of cultural heritage of Dalmatia- numerous villas and palaces with opulent courtyards. With high organization skills and charming and pleasant character she easily handles all challenging situations makes Your day remembered for joy, tenderness and promise of “forever and ever”.

Weddings are about love and values. These are the values we strongly believe in:

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The wedding is about the promise.

It’s not by accident or a random decision that we named ourselves “Promessi”. We strongly believe that weddings are first and foremost about promises that are made on that day, about the vows you exchange with the one you love. That is why we put the most emphasis on the ceremony itself. Everything else comes as icing on the cake.

Each love story is different, so is each wedding.

With us, it is never business as usual. It is always personal. We don’t do copy-paste. Ever. We listen, cut through clutter and make tailor-made, one of a kind experiences. We’re dedicated to making sure nothing goes wrong on your perfect day. We’re there every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect location, photographer, scenery and decoration.

It’s good to have experts by your side.

Over the past ten years we’ve built a vast experience organizing various types of events, yet what we specialize in (and are particularly fond of) are destination weddings. Why so? We firmly believe it’s not only about great logistics, impeccable appearance and fluent timeline. It’s about that single day becoming a story to be told for years to come. The story of Love.

Paperwork shouldn’t be a nightmare.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Croatia, make sure you start planning on time and have someone local help you. Unlike usual wedding planner’s duties like beautiful decoration and sourcing ideal location, we like to sort out the most important things first – the legal part of the ceremony in Croatia. Paperwork isn’t something that you should take care of; it’s our job to assist on gaining all legal requirements so you can focus on what’s really important that day.

Where there is love, there is art.

We feel art from the depth of our souls, which can be seen and felt in each of our weddings. Ivana is the creative lead of our team, she takes care that the ambiance, flowers and decoration match perfectly the location as well as the vision and personality of the couple. Jelena majored in musical art, which is why she searches relentlessly for extraordinary musicians, bands and artists. Tina’s joie de vivre, so wonderfully seen through her love and fine taste for food and excellent wine is essential for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

The best love stories are written in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean is about the warmth and hospitality of the people, about passion for life, a true celebration that awakens the senses. There is something profoundly different about organizing a wedding here. We pride ourselves in being from Dalmatia. We know the mentality, the best local people for the job, the most mesmerizing locations in the Adriatic coast that will make you and your guests truly feel the magic of the Mediterranean.