Wedding favors, yes or no?

If you are planning a destination wedding, there are tons of ways of saying Thank you to all those pretty amazing people who decided to spend a lot of money to attend your Big Day. And it’s really important that they feel appreciated. This doesn’t necessary mean that you have to splurge on something nobody wants and will not keep.

Here are a few great ideas of saying Thank you:

  1. Local goods. I know, you will say, been there, done that. But, when you know local girls (this means us) you can get some really good stuff at great prices. Per example, extra virgin olive oil, lavender oil body scrubs, homemade grappa, honey and jam, or a bottle of fine Vine from our island or Istria region, Truffles or even marble stone jewelry. It takes a really small effort to personalize these goodies and Voilà! Everybody gets something really tasty to take home, and consummate!
  2. This one is my favorite. Why don’t you organise a day after boat trip to an island for your guests? Or a vine tour? Perhaps a safari?
  3. If all of these things are simply way over your budget a good old Thank you card will do the trick.


Love, I.