If you decide Promessi wedding planners are your choice for a complete wedding organisation in Croatia for you, we will design a detailed concept, find a perfect location, as well as all service providers/suppliers in line with the agreed budget. We will also coordinate the event.

Hochzeitsservice Kroatien

planning & design

If you decide Promessi wedding planners are your choice for a complete wedding organisation for you, we will design a detailed concept, find a perfect location, as well as all service providers/suppliers in line with the agreed budget. We will also coordinate the event.

This service includes the following:

1.Applying for a marriage licence and taking care of all the required paperwork

2. Selecting a location and all related activities

3. Selecting service providers/suppliers and associates in line with your specific requests

4. Managing and designing the wedding, including the coordination of service providers/suppliers, negotiating the prices, payments and expertise, whilst guaranteeing a high level of originality and ensuring an added value in terms of music, culture and/or the selected theme

5. Coordinating the event and taking care of all details including the transportation of guests, coordinating the ceremony and the work of all associates (catering, flowers, photographer, etc.).

Also, we stand at your and your guests’ service at all times so that you can feel happy and at ease throughout your stay in Croatia and on your wedding day.


Elopements have long had a reputation for defying tradition, or being thought of as sudden and secret. Nowadays, we witness a rise of a completely different type of weddings, and witness many couples are searching to preserve love at its very foundation, as a lifelong commitment of two.


Promessi W&E provides pre made packages but do emphasize the individuality of each couple and therefore recommend tailor made packages. To better understand the main services required to organize an Elopement in Croatia, we have listed main and extra services. Contact us for your perfect combination!



You have organized all that is necessary for your wedding in Croatia, but have become aware that you will not be able to keep an eye on everything and that you need to coordinate a thousand little details so that everything could go as planned. In order for you to avoid all the stress and be able to fully enjoy the most special day of your life, you need somebody who will make sure everything goes just the way you planned it, somebody you can rely on and who will be there for you in case there is an unforeseen event. You can trust Promessi wedding planners with that responsibility.

We will be in charge of communicating with all guests, suppliers and service providers and will tackle any unforeseen events that may occur during the event. What you need the most after months of planning and organising is just to relax and be able to enjoy a great atmosphere, a high-end service and sheer happiness on the faces of your guests.

This service includes the following:

1. Welcoming your guests at the selected venue
2. Coordinating and communicating with suppliers and other service providers
3. Communicating with guests regarding all details related to the ceremony, transportation, accommodation and handling special requests
4. Taking care of unforeseen events

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reception venue

Selecting the right location and the venue is a crucial element in the process of organising a destination wedding in Croatia. Maybe you are not sure what your wedding should look like. Maybe you are not familiar with all the wonderful sites Dalmatia has to offer. Maybe there’s a specific location on your mind, but you do not have the time to organise the whole ceremony in Croatia. Owing to the fact that, on one hand, we have lived here all our lives and that we are passionate about this part of the world, and that, on the other hand, we know how to organise an event in an ideal location and are familiar with all the legal and other specifics, we can offer you our services in finding an ideal location for your wedding.

This service includes the following:

1. An introductory meeting in the course of which we design a basic concept of the ceremony, bearing in mind your ideas and your budget
2. Proposing a wide range of locations and venues to choose from, including the details such as available facilities and infrastructure accompanied by photographs and corresponding prices
3. Joint visit to the location/venue
4. Establishing the final price, reservation and payment
5. Signing the lease for the venue

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Croatia is one of the top party destinations of the world and is a place beaming with good vibrations. This makes it an ideal place to host whichever party you have in mind.

We are at your service if you need us to organise:

/ a hen – stag night,
/ proposals,
/ wedding or relationship anniversaries,
/ birthday parties,
/ office parties,
/ Graduation parties, etc.

We can also be of service in case you are interested in music, folklore, decorative or other type of entertainment during your event or during your stay in Croatia (baby-sitting, dance courses, traditional Dalmatian a cappella bands called “klapa”, guided tours, scuba-diving, boat trips, fireworks, exclusive catering, etc.). Promessi wedding planners are professionals with a huge experience in organising weddings and events in Central Dalmatia, therefore feel free to ask whatever comes in your mind and the best will be served to you.