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How to pick a perfect Venue

You are keen on having a destination wedding. There are lots of possible reasons why you have made this decision: You have traveled to the most charming and beautiful country for a vacation; you were a guest at someone else’s wedding somewhere great and on a vacation; you saw the most beautiful wedding on some blog or your partner’s family origins date from a far far country with the most amazing landscape.

If the place you are referring to is Croatia, I can’t blame you. Been places, know places and yes, my country has really lots to offer. And the best thing of all, you can actually afford it and not kill yourself with endless credits. There isn’t a budget that can’t produce a beautiful wedding story worthy of your love. It just needs a bit of work, budget breakdown and some patient tailoring.

So, first of all, how to pick the Venue?

Well, it depends on whether you are having a civil, symbolic or a church wedding. Being a country of 2000 year old heritage, most amazing beaches, beautiful Mediterranean gardens and numerous sacra pieces of art and architecture, Croatia, does offer lots. And there is that perfect place for you two to celebrate your love: just the two of you or with family and friends, intimately or followed by a party, just dinning or dancing all night.

So, let’s narrow the list a bit.