Marriage in Croatia

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…

As one decides on a destination wedding in Croatia, the first thing that kicks in is what about the paperwork, how annoying, right? Well, honestly, it is. But, with a few correct steps, it can be overcome pretty easily. Check our short list of instructions but keep in mind that your country might have special demands regarding marriage abroad. Anyway, we are here for all your questions.

Here goes…

Originals of all documents required to form a marriage in Croatia must be delivered at the latest thirty days prior to the ceremony. Birth certificates and No Impediment Certificates may not be issued more than 90 days prior to the ceremony. In order for the ceremony to take place, it is necessary to register your intent in the Registry Office of the city/town where the wedding is to take place at least one day prior to the event but usually 45-30 days prior to the wedding day. This depends on the praxis of the Registry’s Office where the marriage is held.  An official court interpreter will be present during the registration and the ceremony. Documents required to get married may vary depending on your home country. We advise you to contact the embassy of your home country in Croatia and inquire on details and legal matters. Please make sure that you have a valid passport and that the names of the bride and the groom, the best man and the maid of honour are consistent in all required documents.

The following documents are necessary to form a marriage:

– Birth Certificates with Apostille stamps (issued no later than three months prior to the event)

– Copies of passports of the bride, the groom, the best man and the maid of honour

– No impediment Certificate with Apostille stamp (in the event your certificate of birth has been issued more than three months ago)

Court decision allowing the marriage to be formed (if one or both of the future spouses is a legal minor over the age of 16, or if the future spouses are children of siblings or half-siblings/step-siblings).

– for UK citizens, Custom and Law Certificates which show that the marriage will be valid in the UK, confirms your passport number and states your citizenship (this may not be needed). This document is to be issued at the British Embassy in Zagreb. Once your Custom and Law Certificates are issued, those must be taken to the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zagreb for verification. 

All documents above must be submitted to the Registry’s Office no later than 30 days before the ceremony.

Keep in mind that it will take some time to issue all documents and ask for an advice when to get the application started on time!

Good luck!