Wedding planner, Croatia - Hochzeitsplaner Kroatien

How to find the right wedding planner for your destination wedding!

Of course, the first point of contact is each agency’s website. This is our calling card and we attach great importance to it.
The price also plays a major role in the selection, because the budgets of the customers are very different.
The most important point, however, is that the communication between you and your planner fits right away.

Why? I will explain that to you in the following text.

Wedding planning is a service that varies from planner to planner.

The quality of the wedding planner – and this is my opinion – depends a lot on their dedication to the profession, in addition to their organizational skills.
I have been planning various weddings for 10 years and have met many different people, cultures and their stories. My greatest realization that I gained from this is that love really is pure and innocent. love is GOOD.

Maybe the three years of Corona or now the Ukraine war have had a strong influence on me, but it is precisely in times like this that you realize again and again that belonging and love are the most valuable things in people.

My clients have gone through different things in life and thus wrote their personal stories. Wars, cultural differences, religious differences, racial differences. The whole range.

Some survived cancer together – and that brought their families together, while others broke out of forced marriages and married same-sex people. Third parties both experienced the war, survived and got married despite religious differences. If I were to list more here, my list would have no end…
My point is that it doesn’t matter if we are black, white, yellow, red, green or blue, queer, gay or straight, religious or not, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist, love always truly triumphs.

Your wedding planner has to be interested in your story, she/he has to get involved, because she/he will be your companion for at least a year.
Wedding planning is not just a service, but the organization of your most important day. The rest of your life together begins on this day. For this day you want a wedding planner who celebrates you, your life and your story!

The perfect wedding planner is the one who guarantees you memories. Because this is the only thing (besides picture & video) that you and your guests have left – and that makes the difference.

As a team, we don’t sell services, we sell memories. We celebrate you!

Cheers! T.