Furry guests are on top of your guest list? And you plan a Destination wedding?

Weddings are about celebration of love in company of family and friends. And our pets are both, family and friends. Therefore, no wonder many couples do everything to accommodate the destination wedding to their pets’ needs.

Pets in weddings are a new and increasingly popular trend, particularly at luxury wedding venues.

Leaving a pet even for one night when you attend a wedding back home can be a hassle. Sometimes you ask your parents or friends who aren’t attending the wedding to watch over but what if everyone who you would trust with your dog is also a guest at the wedding?

Guess it’s a dilemma between boarding or taking a pet along and leaving it at pet friendly hotel for a couple of hours with a handler.

For all those pet lovers, there are ways to organise a destination wedding in Croatia and bring along your furry friend. It just takes more preparation.

So, before booking a venue, make sure to ask if it’s allowed to bring a pet to the reception venue. Many venues don’t mind at all. Ceremony venues are usually Museums or Churches and those often forbid pets but again, it all depends on a venues’ policy. Make sure to double check so you can plan ahead.

In my opinion, as a huge dog lover, I propose hiring a lovely private Villa suitable for both, ceremony and reception. Also, your pet will accommodate more easily to a property where he will stay for a week rather than moving places he is not familiar with on daily basis, in heat, with a bunch of people. Dogs in new environments can get over stimulated and act differently.

If Private Villa wedding is not in your budget, no worries, there are beautiful private accommodations as well as hotels who allow pets, not to mention gorgeous wedding venues where they could hang out freely and take a nap when tired. You can even hire professional pet sitters to watch over them later in the evening or take care of them in case they end up to nervous to handle the commotion of the wedding day.

Even if you are looking to have a church ceremony, you can bring along your pet along! He will be safe with our team for that half an hour, waiting outside of the Church, in peace, being cuddled and loved.

If you want to incorporate your pet into the wedding ceremony, make sure your dog is calm and well-trained, as it might be stressful for him rather than fun.

Not only dogs could be a part of your wedding. If your pet is used to travelling, don’t mind the change of climate much and is well trained, you can bring along a bunny, a cat, a bird, a horse or a llama! Everybody is welcome!

If you do decide to leave them at home, you can always include them in your Engagement photo session and use one of those pictures for your Save the date cards.

And if you bring along your little furry friend to Croatia, make sure to add a bit of glamour to his appearance! A simple bow tie is a great way to give your pet a wedding-ready look that they won’t detest.

Don’t forget to award them for being there for you. It was their Big day also!

Photo: Vladimir Mudrovčić, Beep pictures