How to style an Elopement in the Mediterranean?

Regardless of just eloping with your loved one or inviting immediate family members and best friends too, small doesn’t mean less stylish. Au contraire! Elopements can be just as gorgeous full-blown reception – minus the months of intense family negotiation and endless to-do lists.

Carefree and spontaneous definitely implicates hiring a wedding planner. With a budget breakdown and a special attention to detail, the results will not be missed.

5 ways how to style your Elopement:

  1. Wedding dress. So you have decided to elope and avoid the big reception planning stress. This feels right and you are getting excited. Suddenly a little princess in your head starts waking up and you start dreaming of your wedding dress. Find that swoon-worthy dress of your dreams! It will be a focal point of your wedding day style and the main thing to inspire the whole story carefully designed just for you. From the choice of professional hair and make up to the last rose petal placed at the right spot on your wedding day, styling is a process and takes hours of work. Leave it to the professionals your trust and enjoy the ride.
  2. Inspiration lies within you. Choose a wedding style that sincerely reflects you. Whether your vision is glam or eclectic and bohemian, your styling should ideally fit with all the elements of your wedding – from your ceremony furniture right down to your floral design and stationery suite. Pinterest inspiration boards are very helpful but don’t let those mislead you. Use the venue you had chosen as inspiration, think which fabrics you really love, what colours you usually wear and relax. Do your research on the place where you plan to get married and let the story behind it inspire you. Allow yourself to be unique!
  3. Execute your ideas. Think layers. In order to create a style, try to focus on details that will speak wonders and styling won’t look one – dimensional or flat. Layering different textures, materials and décor speak wonders. Acquaint yourself with the destination venue and the country you had decided to elope to. Ceremony and reception area, depending on your wedding theme, can be presented with elements from a wide spectrum; fresh fruit, sea shells, dry herbs or crystals.
  4. Think practical. Many ideas you really love perhaps don’t work best at outdoor venues in countries with entirely different climate to the one you have back home. Make sure the ceremony venue is not in direct sun to preserve flowers you had invested in your flower arch. It must be finalized way before the ceremony and it might not be as representative as one expects. Check the way the aisle looks like. Although you really love long white carpets, perhaps you are covering 2000 years old ancient stone which is far more unique than a carpet we see on each wedding photo. Once styling a reception table, regardless of number of guests, make sure you decide on style of serving courses first and check the width and length of the table. After you have decided on that, make a perfect choice on amount of décor. For example, instead of spreading your centrepieces across the entire table, consider having just one or two smaller clusters as a focal point.
  5. Don’t overcomplicate. The beauty of elopement is expressing who you are without worrying how others feel about it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with styling, consider investing in statement pieces you really love like pampas flower arch from ceremony or crystal glasses for the toast instead of stressing about the smaller details. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple with just a few key pieces.


Elopement to Croatia is always a good idea. Whether you decide to exchange vows on top of the mountain overlooking dozens of Mediterranean islands, at the ancient Monastery courtyard, to have a religious ceremony at the small chapel from 9th century or at the beach, prepare for a dream come true experience.

Photo: Nina Photo