Elopement Croatia

What makes an Elopement kind of couple?

Elopements have long had a reputation for defying tradition, or being thought of as sudden and secret. Nowadays, we witness a rise of a completely different type of weddings, and witness many couples are searching to preserve love at its very foundation, as a lifelong commitment of two.

You feel that exchange of vows is a private affair only to be shared with your partner and/or with just a few closest family members or friends? Maybe you really want to get married somewhere abroad but can’t afford a big reception? You simply don’t feel the traditional wedding is something that reflects your personalities at all?

Reasons could be many but Elopement might be just the thing for you.

Beauty of Elopement is in the fact that it is stress-free in many ways. If organized by a professional, very often in just a few days time, it provides you with an opportunity to spontaneously decide on getting married whenever you decide to travel for a vacation! How romantic and carefree is that?

For the last couple of years, we have noticed a large increase of number of Elopements in Croatia. And today, we see those as a way of escaping the very uncertain reality we live in and still celebrate love.


Why should one Elope to Croatia and how to do it right?


  1. Hidden gems along Adriatic coast immediately provoke ideas of a perfect intimate ceremony. Breathtaking sea viewpoints of mountain peaks, ancient royal courtyards dating back to Roman times, secluded bays and pebble beaches or lovely chapels, just to mention a few, are often what couples dream about. Make sure to check our recommended Venues for inspiration!
  2. Professional wedding planner. Tailor-made package is always the most recommendable option. However, we encourage couples to inquire for a basic package, including Elopement essentials and start the journey of a tailor-made wedding from there. It’s so exciting if done with a professional you instantly connect with! Let the moment speak about you more than you have even imagined. Let it be a memory you will remember always as a proof of your dedication, love and commitment to each other. Meet Promessi crew.
  3. Food and wine. Croatia is proud for the most exquisite cuisine and finest wines. We suggest following the ceremony with a lovely toast of a good bubbly and afterwards indulge in a beautiful setting and dinner for two or if you like, a few more.
  4. First dance. Don’t forget about your first dance as a husband and wife, maybe with delicate tunes of a violinist, smooth saxophone or perhaps a Dalmatian mandolin quartet? Seize the moment. It’s your moment.
  5. Most important, hire a photographer you really like. Although you want this moment just for yourself, think of all of those who are not there to share it with you and probably feel a little strained for your decision to leave them out. Those photos will help them instantly connect while you will have memories to treasure for a lifetime. Check our Gallery for inspiration and information on very best artists in Croatia.
  6. Marriage license. Let the professionals provide legal support throughout the process and secure your marriage license. If you haven’t hired a professional wedding planner, make sure to check the local registrar and your Embassy for all information.

Need help on how to communicate the decision on Elopement to your parents and friends? You like the idea but have no idea where to start? Don’t hesitate to ask for professional assistance regarding steps to be taken for an unforgettable wedding day in Croatia.

Photo: Vladimir Mudrovčić