Zoi restaurant

Split Venues

Dinning form the most charming terrace in the old town of Split, located on a front side of a 1700 years old Diocletian’s Palace, surely sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? What if you could have your wedding reception at this very spot?


ZOI is situated on the south front of the Diocletian’s palace where the emperor’s apartments were located. The emperor’s apartments formed a block along the sea, right behind the palace wall in ZOI. We love that Emperor’s Triclinium (dining room) was right here giving this place a special historical energy for enjoying the elaborate dinners, philosophical discussions and partying.


For more than a thousand years, kings, solders, merchants, and slaves came and left their mark on life (ZOI – the Greek word for life). Life in Split was shaped through time by these cultures and individuals, and through our food, we hope to tell their story. ZOI is a place to explore a world of senses. A place where music, conversations and the city sounds melt perfectly together while comfortably lounged on our terrace, with a glass of rare wine, and gentle summer breeze kisses.


The venue guarantees an unforgettable experience through delicious fusion foods, which combine authentic mix of rich Mediterranean cuisines infused with a taste of history. Matching fabulous wine with authentic wedding menu is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience at ZOI’s.


Exclusive terrace of this amazing venue with a stunning sea view and the gorgeous palm trees promenade in Split provides a perfect setting for an intimate wedding reception or a special event for up to 75 guests.


Zoi is a first-class restaurant with a reputation for gastronomy, gracious and informed hospitality, comfort and beauty what makes it a perfect venue for exclusive wedding receptions.

Average price for dinner menu and drinks: 110 EUR
Duration of music: 12 AM
Max capacity: 30/100 PAX
Privatization fee: depending on season