Restaurant Posat

Dubrovnik Venues

Restaurant Posat gives you an opportunity to experience the true essence of Dubrovnik trough extraordinary food and impressive wine list. The spacious terrace of this fine dining restaurant overlooks the historic city from a spectacular angle. Indulge your senses during wedding dinner while resting your eyes in best view on vivid Pile gate, Dubrovnik City ​​Walls and beautiful fortresses Bokar and Minceta.


Restaurant Posat has a total capacity of 130 seats in case of good orbad weather conditions.The tank with live lobsters and fish is located on the right terracewhich has a capacity of 80 people while the left terrace has acapacity of 50 people. It is possible to privatize only one of terraces for the wedding dinner with exceptional gourmet experience.


Music allowed till midnight.

Average price for dinner menu: 80 EUR
Duration of music: 12 am
Min/Max capacity: 50/130
Privatization fee: on request