Hvar Venues



Amazing authentic location in the center of Hvar town


This beautiful venue is located in the old part of Hvar town somewhere inbetween 13th-century walls and beautifully ornamented Gothic palaces. Restaurant Passarola will fulfill your wedding day with authentic atmosphere of ancient interior design and local cuisine complemented with supreme wines. Wide selection of  cocktails are perfect for a welcome drink for you and your wedding guests. Local dishes prepared with local ingredients and presented in modern style will help build memories for a lifetime.


The amazing night bar just below restaurant Passarola can prolong your wedding party to early morning. DJ’s, vibrant atmosphere and modern ambience gives you an opportunity to supreme wedding experience, either you privatize the whole club or just a part of it.


Seating capacity of the restaurant terrace is 70 and at ground floor 45. Privatization starts at 5 pm and ends at 1 am. Club is open form 2 am and close at 6 am.

Average price for dinner menu and drinks: 110 EUR
Duration of music: 5 AM
Min/Max capacity: 35/75 PAX
Privatization fee: depending on season