Korčula Venues

As a jewel of historical heritage and contemporary design, Lešić Dimitri Palace is located in the heart of the old town of Korčula. Bishop’s Palace, which dates from the 18th century was restored with great effort and knowledge, and perfectly designed with style following the famous historical story about the journey of Marco Polo through the famous Silk Road.


Five luxury suites, unique by their appearance, equipment, creativity and the theme, create an oasis where you feel like you belong there since forever and as if the travel is your true home, just like Marco Polo. An effort to evoke different parts of the world in the interior and thus pay homage to this world traveller, but also carefully preserve the historical significance of the building, which tells its history, represents the art itself.


Entering the town via the bridge Punat suggests a hidden and tame town rich in tradition and history. Experiencing the Cathedral of St. Mark, Bishop’s palace, the Gospojina Church, or a small church of St. Peter, palaces Arneli and Gabrielis, fortresses that still strive and protect with their grandiosity, Dominican monastery of St. Nicholas and many other sights that are discovered almost at every step you take and which fascinate each guest with its beauty and uniqueness, makes you love Korčula forever. Town of Moreška, the knight dance in which love and passion have conquered evil for 400 years, presents Korčula worldwide as a town of love.


Lešić Dimitri palace, a unique oasis of creative power and respect for tradition, is an ideal venue for small, intimate weddings or celebrations (about 30 people). Beautiful terrace overlooking the sea or palace restaurant provides countless opportunities for a unique experience worthy of your wedding.