Vis Venues

This hidden garden at the heart of Vis town is more than a tavern, more than a really great restaurant with delicious food and more than a pretty surrounding – it’s a world of its own. Once you pass the street with a red bike on top of ancient walls and open the old door to the most beautiful garden you can imagine, you have found it! With a fountain, work of a world famous Ivan Mestrovic at the centre, nothing seems to be put there intentionally, keeping it relaxed and spontaneous. However, this is the work of amazing owners who put their heart and soul in their food and ambience.


And this you can tell. This is a chameleon-like place with a diversity of spaces, ideal for group dinners, evenings in the company of friends or romantic plans. The lounge bar is a friendly and fun place where one can sit for a drink, talk, listen to good music, with a selection of wines, champagne and cocktails. With great respect to fresh ingredients at this amazing island, the menu offers a great fusion of traditional and modern. This place is perfect for rehearsal dinners, weddings, after-wedding dinners and events, offering a true Mediterranean passion and beauty.


Our favourite ingredients!