Vis Venues

This amazing Venue is located on Vis, an island kept in isolation for decades preserving wonders of nature and heritage including Hellenic and Roman imprints. It is amazing that until just a few decades ago this island was completely isolated, closed to visitors and this fort was as good as forgotten.


Fort George, built 200 years ago is a true symbol of a turbulent history symbolic for this country, now standing proud, restored and open for the visitors. It’s both vivid and quiet, exciting and silent, luxuries and rustic, all at once. Magnificent in its beauty, with the most amazing views of sparkling waters and secluded coves, this venue provides the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. It’s the most unique wedding venue one could wish for in Croatia. The venue provides indoors and outdoors options for ceremony and reception for up to 180 guests.


Indulge yourself with flavours and tastes of gastronomic wonders Fort George and its team will prepare for you and your guests and let the magic flow. This is the best place for it. Pure magic.

Average price for dinner menu and drinks: 150 €
Duration of music: 2 am
Min/Max capacity: 40/200 (outdoor area)
Privatization fee: 6000 € (70 guests minimum), 7000 € (40 – 70 guests)