Trogir Venues

This amazing restaurant is located in the Old town of Trogir, beautiful town listed as UNESSCO World Heritage. The restaurant exudes a combination of modern tones that are incorporated in the preserved perspective construction from the early 19th century. The inner part with impressive wine bar has a capacity of 60 guests and romantic garden surrounded by the architecture of ancient times and aromas of the Mediterranean can hold events from minimum 40 to maximum 110 guests.


The unique hundred-year-old family history restaurant has been telling its story since 1920 when the merchant and visionary Frane Calebotta built this beautiful house and opened the first cinema hall in this area.


The very core of Calebotta cuisine is Dalmatia as this family knows it for decades, therefore the offer includes fish specialties, delicacies of raw fish, clams and prawns, local Dalmatian cuisine dishes, homemade pasta and gnocchi and the inevitable grilled Beef and Tuna steak. By carefully selecting fresh and local, one finds smplicity and delicacy flavour of Dalmatia in every course, carefully paired with the right wine.