Zadar Venues

What once used to be a harbour warehouse, built in 16th and refurbished in 18th century, under the governance of Jeronimus Mario Balbi, is a mulitifunctional space of unique beauty at the Adriatic today.


Arsenal is a monument of cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia, completely reassigned and opened for public. It is located at the closest vicinity of city Walls and Muraj promenade, just few minutes of walk from a Monument to the Sun and the Sea Organ, the two world-class attractions. Locations ideal for wedding ceremonies, both church and civil, are located very close to the Arsenal and available upon inquiry.


Arsenal is a multifunctional space covering 1800 m2, whose concept was realised as ‘an indoor city square’. High quality of service and hospitality of management of Ilirija d.d. that manages the facility is a guarantee for a beautiful wedding ceremony.


The location is suitable for a ceremony and a celebration of wedding from 50 to 350 pax, while lower and upper floor combined can take up to 550 guests.


Without a doubt, an absolute leader in Zadar area, this wedding venue is amazing for its limitless transformation capacities and unforgettable weddings.