Destination wedding weekend in Croatia / Hochzeitswochenende in Kroatien

8 tips on how to transform your destination wedding weekend in Croatia from lovely to absolutely fabulous

1. Accommodation at the same place

If possible, make sure to organise accommodation for all guests at the same hotel or hotel resort. This will help them organise the trip to your destination wedding, allow certain financial and logistic advantages and also, help you meet with all of them prior to your wedding day. This also allows you to spend more quality time with all of your guests and organize various activities within your wedding weekend.


Destination wedding weekend in Croatia


2. Book a boat trip from heaven

This could be the best investment when having a destination wedding in Croatia. Having scheduled events throughout the weekend not only gives your guests something to do, but it gives them the chance to meet new people or have a new experience. Over 1000 islands in Croatia could be a good reason why explore the Adriatic!



3. Mani pedi day

This is such a fun day to spend with your girls, either book and appointment at one of spa centres or organise a professional team visiting your Villa. Order a charcuterie board with local cheeses and fruit and add chilled prosecco. Voila! You have a perfect girls day prior to your wedding day!


Destination wedding weekend in Croatia


4. Entertainment as an element of surprise

There are lots of fun elements you can incorporate into your wedding day that will bring that wow factor we are constantly in search of. A few ideas: book a sax player, violin player, latino dancers, ballerinas, fire acrobats or how about a whole show band to keep you entertained the whole day with a brass section, DJ, drummers, guitar players, and 2 or three singers! Surprise your guests and they will never forget your wedding. Some may even tell you it was the experience of a lifetime for them.


Destination wedding weekend in Croatia


5. Book an after party

Don’t let the party stop before you’re ready. Set up a space with a great DJ, late-night bites and a bar for an epic late-night soirée. A completely other venue or underground option of the venue where you have booked the wedding can be staged for a completely other level of party time.



6. Keep your guests cool

There are various ways to keep an eye on the heat in Croatia for your summer wedding. Choose a later ceremony and keep it shaded. Make sure there are plenty of refreshments at each of the events of your wedding day. When it comes to signature cocktails, choose lighter spirits paired with refreshing flavours. We suggest focusing on cucumber, mint, or berries to create light, flavourful sips. Provide parasols and fans. And please, avoid formal attire as much as possible. Summer chic works best!



7. Offer light and fresh menu

We are happy to enjoy so many days in the sun but summer weddings can be challenging in terms of handling heat. Make sure your wedding menu is designed to reflect your preferences but also weather conditions for best enjoyment. Mediterranean cuisine is the best choice of diet and luckily you are hosting a wedding at the very heart of it!



8. Summer colours

Summer is truly all about vibrant colours and one way to add it to your tables is with candles. Fewer things scream summer more than a pink-and-orange colour palette. Take notes from the pros and use the colours throughout your own floral arrangements. Sliced fruit also nod to summer. Summer is also off white linen, natural palettes and clean design. Choose your style and make it all about you.