Split venues


In the vicinity of Ivan Meštrović Gallery lies Kaštelet – Crikvine, a 16th century villa of Capogrosso family that encompasses the Church of Holy Cross and represents a combination of exquisite architecture and art. Along with Mediterranean landscape of south slope of Marjan, this extraordinary location represents an intimate place for religious wedding ceremony.


The love of emperor Diocletian and his Prisca has been recorded in many works, legends on the beauty of the emperor’s beloved have survived for thousands of years and their most intimate hiding place, the emperor’s chambers, have been unveiled to the eyes of curious guests and hopeless romantics.


The idea of getting married in the heart of the palace of Emperor Diocletian must be intriguing, however to celebrate your love in the haven of the world-known imperial love is the solution for anyone striving for more on their special day.

The Ethnographic Museum of Split, in close proximity to Peristil, is unique due to the fact that the museum area lays at the 4th century location of the imperial chambers i.e. bedrooms of Emperor Diocletian, as the most intimate part of the Palace. Along with permanent and temporary exhibitions alternating on the ground floor of the Museum, the visitors can also enjoy the architecture of the exhibition area.
The oldest architectural parts are linked to the establishment of the palace at the beginning of the 4th century. A bit farther, the Museum area also houses one of the oldest churches of Split, the church of Saint Andrew de Fenestris from the 7th century, which is a potential venue for an intimate wedding ceremony.
Through the courtyard of the Božičević-Natalis family’s palace from the early Middle Ages, featuring a well with the family coat of arms, the visitors will reach Roman stairway leading to the roof of Vestibul which offers a magnificent view of the centre and outskirts of Split, as well as the sea and the nearby islands. The courtyard of this majestic palace is the perfect location for guest reception after a wedding ceremony.
This unique location is also suitable for small and intimate weddings.


Hotel Park, an exclusive venue built long ago, in 1921 and completely renovated in 2015 has a reputation as an absolute leader of service and quality, especially gastronomic offer of restaurant Bruna, known as the best restaurant in Split. Hotel is located in the vicinity of the famous beach Bačvice, ten minutes walking to the centre. Symbol of town Split in many ways, hotel Park was a host of many national and international political, sport or music celebrities.


Impressive building with its main entrance welcoming their guests in „Hollywood style“, with the red carpet, palm trees and Mediterranean plants that evoke the sense of intimacy and privacy, make this hotel an ideal location for wedding celebration or other events. Hotel terrace with the sea view creates an atmosphere of Mediterranean relaxation that invites you to a true hedonism. This venue is suitable for smaller and bigger celebrations, for about 600 guests on the terrace and 140 in the restaurant Bruna. Outstanding experience in organisation of different ceremonies and cultural events make hotel Park an ideal location for everybody who want to experience “glamour in Split way”.


Hotel Split, located on a pebble beach in Podstrana, about 9 km from Split, represents homage to city of Split with its modern architecture, energetic efficiency of a green hotel a and a lucid mentality of Split inhabitants presented in creativity of a interior design and hotel service. Over 2000 years old city of Split, with its exceptional history, cultural heritage and unique beauty, and over all, relaxed rhythm of everyday life makes you feel like you are constantly on vacation.


Squares, restaurants, bars full of people and popular Riva, cooled by wind ‘maestral’ in the summer time and warmed by the Mediterranean sun in the winter time along with the Palace, makes you feel like you belong here. Hotel terrace with its modern design, clear lines and unforgettable view at the bay, especially astonishing sunsets, offer a numerous possibilities for organizing small and big wedding celebrations and other events. Roof top of the hotel, along with the Jacuzzi and movable surfaces can become a hidden nest for bachelor/hen party. Hotel’s lobby bar with ambient lighting, exceptional service and privacy, along with the hotel’s garden could be a perfect venue for organizing reception or any other activity suitable for bride and groom.
The beach, definitely the most beautiful location for more relaxed wedding celebrations or beach parties of any kind can however also becomes a glamorous venue suitable for a luxurious wedding from your dreams. Along with the gastronomic delights of restaurant Vagabundo, the whole concept is complete. A wide spectrum of venues, creativity of staff, exceptional service and location by the beach makes Hotel Split a unique location for modern way of experiencing Mediterranean.


Hotel San Antonio is located in Podstrana, not far from Split, directly on the beautiful pebble beach, suitable for arranging a perfect venue for wedding ceremony or celebration. This luxurius four star hotel has a long time experience of organising weddings and other events. Dalmatian specialties along with a wide range of distinguish national and international vines will suit even the pickiest.


The ballroom of the restaurant is a perfect wedding venue for approximately 150 guests in enclosed with a sea view terrace decorated with Mediterranean plants and palm trees. Smaller weddings and events, for 50 guests, can be organised by the pool and the cocktail bar. The beach bar is a perfect location for more relaxed celebrations. Enjoy a spectacular view over the sea and the islands, gaze at the sunsets with a light wind, just listen to the silence of the hotel beach on your big day and enjoy being tempered by the staff of hotel San Antonio.


Ivan Meštrović Gallery (Croatian: Galerija Meštrović), is an art museum in Split, Croatia dedicated to the work of the 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. The gallery preserves and presents to the public the most significant works of Meštrović, and is in itself an art monument. The outdoor sculpture park along with two terraces overlooking the Adriatic and the islands is the most glamorous location for events by far.


Once you get there you are instantly overwhelmed by the unique architecture of the building enriched with inspirational outdoor surroundings dominated by unique masterpieces of the artist placed in unforgettable Mediterranean landscape.


Besides the natural beauty of Park Forest Marjan overlooking the Adriatic Sea on its three sides and town Split on the one side, here one can find around numerous little churches built in different ages, from 9th till 14th century. Solitude and mystery of these locations, hidden in the pine forests of Marjan hill overlooking the sea, simply embraces their visitors and give the sense of pure romance by hand. even the pickiest.


The first one you see on the south side of the promenade is St. Nicholas church erected in 13th century, situated above the First Marjan Panoramic views, then church Madonna of Betlehem from the 14th century and finally St. Jerome from the 15th century built into clefts in the cliffs with the renaissance hermitage caves. These three locations offer a unique impression each one in its own way, the sense of modesty, simplicity and silence, perfect for intimate wedding ceremony in the heart of preserved nature and within historical ambience.


Viđak, old native Split family nurtures love and tradition in gastronomy in City of Emperor Diocletian for over 400 years. In peaceful street just a few steps from famous beach Bačvice is a location of a unique tavern with inspiring interior crafted in wood and stone and picturesque terrace in tree shade. Oštarija u Viđakovi, time capsule of Split, invites one to its embrace by telling the story of past times through its every detail.


Precious objects couple of hundred year’s old and wooden interior make this location an authentic antique tavern. In homey ambience, with a glass of great vine or brandy and delicious domestic specialties, one becomes a part of history of city of Split and family Viđak, the unbreakable whole. This location is suitable for wedding celebration and other events up to 70 guests.


New, Radisson Blu Resort Split is located on the seaside with an amazing panoramic view of islands Brač and Šolta. Exquisite service of world famous brand Radisson and distinguish hospitality of city of Split are the main characteristics that draw attention to this hotel. There are several locations suitable for wedding organization and other events in Radisson.


Grand Ballroom, a spectacular indoor location with luxurious interior is suitable for 150 guests. The Fig Leaf, main hotel restaurant is famous for a large range of Mediterranean and continental dishes served on the terrace with a sea view. It represents a perfect venue in period from October till April for about 220 guests. The Caper Grill offers extraordinary gastronomic treats in modern ambiance. A glass of top Croatian or international vine from the terrace with a unique view is an unforgettable experience. Location is suitable for wedding organization or other events up to 60 guests. Mistral Restaurant on the beach, an open type of restaurant on three floors is proud for its intimate ambiance in shade of pine trees just by the promenade ideal for tasting authentic Dalmatian dishes for up to 30 guests. VIP, open wooden plateau on the beach is a unique location for up to 400 guests. Exclusive service with waves banging against the rocks and ambience lighting give an opportunity for organising an amazing beach party or a glamorous evening worthy of your Big day. Bachelors/hen party can be organised in SPA, bars or other locations in the hotel. Such a wide range of venues suitable for wedding organization gives one many possibilities and, without a doubt, every dream becomes true if you decide to say Yes in Radisson.


Restaurant Adriatic is one of those places that attracts one with its location, tradition and top service and has done so for many years. The restaurant is located on Sustipan cliff above the sea, below Marjan hill. Interior of the restaurant is characterised by pure lines and Dalmatian ambience while the glass wall reflects panoramic view of Brač, Šolta, Čiovo and Split sea gate.


The terrace, located in the shade of cliffs and always mildly windy has an unique role in presentation of this venue. Acy marina and view of the city on the one side, and sea view coloured with ships and sailboats in the sunset, on the other side, make this oasis of peace an ideal location for wedding celebration or other events. The restaurant is famous for slow food offer of gastronomic delicatessens and wide offer of national and international vines.
Caffe bar, in the middle of the complex with an exquisite semicircular terrace to which a set of steps decorated with agaves and Mediterranean plants, stones and torches in the evening, is a perfect venue for reception or bachelors/hen party. Location is suitable for events up to 120 guests.


South-western point of the Split harbour is called Sustipan after the old monastery of St. Stephen under the pines. The monastery was built in the late middle Ages, and several Croatian kings occasionally enjoyed its hospitality. Especially appealing is the Gloriet – round colonnade of classicist form that remains preserved until present day.


Hidden among the tall pines is a beautiful vista of the sea and the islands in front of Split. From the western side of the hill there is the oldest local swimming club Jadran, and from its eastern side a modern ACI marina.


The Cathedral of St. Duje is a complex of a church, formed from an Imperial Roman mausoleum, with a bell tower; strictly the church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the bell tower to Saint Duje. The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is the oldest cathedral in the world.


On the intersection of two main roads, cardo and decumanus, in Diocletian’s Palace dating from 4th century, there is a monumental court Peristil from which the only access to Cathedral of St. Duje is to the east. Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.ts.


The story about Gusar goes well beyond great cuisine and dinning. Gusar means a lot for the citizens of Split, It has been and hopefully will always be a meeting place for generations offering the most beautiful sea view from their terrace, absolutely the best service in town and delicious meals, the best representative of Dalmatian cuisine one could desire.


Pure lines of a glamorous ballroom match the Mediterranean scheme along with plenty of sunshine and a sea view for a holistic experience of the Venue.
Located on the northern side of Hill Marjan, a green oasis you must visit when in Split, this amazing Venue is a multidimensional space fit for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, wedding, rehearsal dinner, corporate and social event, you name it.
If your choice of a Venue is somewhere else, at Gallery Mestrovic, Villa Dalmatia, a cruise boat, a private Villa or a property, a fortress, an ancient forum etc., Catering Gusar can definitely fulfill your dreams.


This amazing seafront Villa is the most beautiful, storytelling and vivid wedding venue in over 1700 year’s old town of Split. This former Presidential Villa and summer residence offers exclusivity, architectural and natural beauty and sense of style.


Besides it’s beautiful terrace surrounded by colonnades with a central fountain, this multidimensional property offers various solutions for the ceremony, welcome reception, lounge and dinning. In case of bad weather, the Villa has an indoor option with a really beautiful fireplace and library living room for a long table or round tables reception for up to 130 guests.