A restaurant and a marina of a world famous Hvar vine family Plenković, located in the small settlement of Sveta Nedjelja on the southern side of Hvar, provide a unique atmosphere for the organization of smaller celebrations and weddings. An architectural homage to the old island little house of Dalmatia adapted for the purposes of providing top gastronomic services in the clash of sea and land exudes with love of this family to the island.


The view of the vineyards that cover the southern slopes of the island of Hvar from one side and, on the other side, of perfect turquoise sea touching the stone, makes it an ideal location for every guest desirous of unique Mediterranean pleasure. The restaurant also has a swimming pool with sea water in which you may find live lobsters which are, according to guests’ wishes, prepared pursuant to finest Dalmatian recipes. The restaurant also has a unique underwater wine cellar with an archive of wines where, upon agreement, tastings are performed while overlooking the sea bottom.
In case you are looking for something absolutely different for your wedding day, Plenkovic family’s vineyard overlooking the sea and the islands surrounding Hvar, is an ideal venue for wedding ceremonies.


Villa Heraclea, a monument in the historic centre of Hvar, is a true jewel in the offer of locations for small, intimate weddings of true romantics. It is only 20 meters from the main riva (waterfront), the sea and the promenade. Breath taking view of riva, boats in the harbour, fort Fortica and Pakleni islands from the beautiful Baroque stone balcony on your big day is something you will remember for a lifetime.


This Baroque villa, built during the strong influence of Venice on the entire Adriatic area, is today a luxury complex on three floors with a total capacity worthy of the most demanding guests. There is a large garden next to the house (200 m²) planted with lemon trees, oranges, figs, lavender and rosemary bushes, surrounded by a beautiful yard, ideal as a venue for the wedding ceremony. In the old Gothic house, which is an integral part of the garden, there is a heated swimming pool, which, by opening of the rooftop, can be converted into an open or closed and makes the ideal atmosphere to a celebration on the terrace in the intimacy of vegetation and stone of this unique facility. Wine bar with a variety of Croatian and foreign wines is the finishing touch for the magic to take place in the right way.

As a guest of Villa Heraclea you will have a unique experience of Hvar as one of the cultural centers of the Renaissance, of its cultural, architectural and historical heritage, natural beauties and the experience of true Mediterranean with all your senses. Villa is suitable for the stay of 10 guests.


If you are looking for Hvar wedding, you are looking for the best party ever, right? What if you can have a ceremony at the very heart of Hvar town, but in complete silence? This former church of the Dominican monastery is nowadays closed for catholic services and if you open those old doors you will enter a completely sureal world. This heritage gem is hidden from the eyes of people offering delicate sense of spiritual belonging and artistic thrill. Beautiful Venue situated in a century-old park is certainly a venue for a special wedding. Suitable for bigger and small ceremonies, it is also a cocktail reception venue.

Sunny Hvar

Fashionable resort on the Adriatic with its history, diversity of natural beauties and rich tradition has attracted many visitors for decades and has produced a wide circle of friends who always come back to Hvar. Sunčani Hvar hotels provide a diverse offer blending professionalism of the services in every way and love for the island in a special way thus making its inseparable part. Locations precisely tailored for the organization of wedding celebrations and other events, each in its own specific way, offer top service and a unique experience to meet everybody’s requirements.


A gala party as the beginning of the celebration of your wedding on the very rooftop of Adriana hotel with a breath taking view over the town and the harbour is a great way to spice up your big day in a stylish and luxurious way. This location is suitable for 150 guests, 250 standing places.


Premium entertainment is your main guiding principle when you think of your wedding day? You would like to transform the energy of Hvar nightlife into moments of your greatest happiness and yet be surrounded with sensibility and romanticism of this old city?


BB Club, located on the famous Hvar riva (waterfront) with the view on the beautiful Hvar marina and the sunset on Pakleni islands, makes this location ideal for those who wish to explore Dalmatia in a fashionable and unconventional way, regardless of the size of the celebration, small or big. The location is suitable for weddings and other celebrations up to 150 guests.


Built in the 30s of the last century as a luxury resort, this unique colonnade of white stone now fully restored and being a pride of Suncani Hvar, represents a whiff of the past incorporated into the modern age in the most beautiful way.


A blend of history and luxury is a unique location for a wedding party, especially at sunset time while the colours spill over Pakleni islands and waves hit under the colonnades, as if they themselves celebrate your big day. This location is suitable for weddings and other events up to 200 guests.


A compound of Dalmatian atmosphere through gastronomy and ambience of preparing excellent Dalmatian specialties of Maestral restaurant and the pine trees on the teakwood deck overlooking the sea gives this location a sense of grace pulling out all the charms of Dalmatia on a platter. This location is suitable for weddings and other events up to 100 guests.


The Palace hotel, a symbol of the town of Hvar with its terrace built by the skills of Venetian architects under the patronage of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth is without a doubt, the most beautiful location for big wedding celebration. Towering over the main square of the old historic centre, it astounds with its grandeur, beauty and tradition.


The view from the terrace brings you back to some past times, it seems like you are holding the bustle of the city and the calmness of the sea and boats on the palm of your hand and you are, as in a historical novel, the main protagonist of everything that is happening. This location is suitable for weddings and celebrations up to 180 guests.


The sophistication and elegance of this beautiful restaurant alongside marina overlooking the town of Hvar, delicacies that give homage to the island with their excellence and authenticity and the intimacy of the location make this restaurant ideal for small weddings and parties up to 80 guests.