Brač venus


The most beautiful beach by far can become a scene of your wedding. Unique beauty of crystal blue sea and the seaside surrounded by pine trees, cultural heritage of ancient city Vallum and the country side along with the gastronomic perfection of food and vine are the recipe for having a good time.


Bol on island Brač, the oldest place on the seaside is located on the southern side and surrounded by a mountain range of Bolska kruna, the Illyrian hill-fort Kostilo and Vidova gora, the roof of Adriatic. On the west side of Bol there is Zlatni rat, one of the biggest and most beautiful wonders of nature on Adriatic. Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) is a narrow white pebble beach on a promontory near veering out into the sea 634 m long while on the eastern side of the city, on small peninsula Glavica lays a silent paradise of Dominican monastery. Harmonious architectural urban core is fulfilled by baroque summer residence, Loza with a little church, renaissance-baroque palace with an art gallery inside it, parish church, little market and Kastil.

Bluesun hotels Borak and Elaphusa, each one in its unique way offer a complete service regarding organization of your Big Day. Restaurant Borak (300 guests capacity) offers a magnificent view of beach Zlatni rat If one desires more intimate ceremony in one of the baroque churches, in a monastery church or on top of the Vidova gora , Vallum Tavern is a right choice for the celebration afterwards. This oasis of peace like a time capsule captures you in a moment of past times and island’s rich history and tradition.

Feel like an islander and a satisfied guest at the same time, indulge yourself and love…Dance the night away with the one you cherish under the starry night with the waves dashing and have all your sense feel the essence of Mediterranean.


A high class four-star hotel was created through restoration and repurposing of Dešković family Palace. Late Renaissance palace which was built in year 1947., registered as a cultural monument, provides a sense of tradition, intimacy, art and romance.


Pučišća is the biggest municipality on island of Brač whose white rooftops create a true ambient atmosphere. Located on the north coast, today a cultural centre of the island of Brač, it is a place created in stone, of which it lives and of which it is proud. Exceptionally interesting from the architectural point of view, Pučišća is characterized by the harmony of the Renaissance forms and Baroque buildings with the ambiance of rural, peasant character.

The hotel has a restaurant with the capacity of 50 seats with an open fireplace, convenient for wedding celebrations and other events in a closed, beautiful garden that provides a unique atmosphere of island flora bathed in sunbeams. Unique artist’s studio and gallery give this palace a special sophistication, providing a creative atmosphere ideally fitted in the concept of designing and realization of every segment of your wedding. Top gastronomic delicacies and a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines, a unique ambience and beauty of Pučišća, make Dešković Palace a true jewel in the range of locations suitable for the organization of weddings in Dalmatia.


Picture an old fisherman’s warehouse touching the seaside with the aim to serve the hard working men of the sea, built in stones and preserved for ages to be completely renovated in a beautiful restaurant with tradition bursting from every corner.


Host of the restaurant along with his dear and beautiful wife and friends create a homey ambiance of good times and even better dinning. And the view is the best; you touch, smell and feel the sea that welcomes you at Fisherman’s House as it did for ages before.
This picturesque reception venue is perfect for small weddings and events at the private terrace on the beach for up to 50 guests.


Hotel Baština Saint Cross with a hundred years old tradition is a home to the most beautiful Medieval Mediterranean garden and a neighbor to the 15 th century Dominican Monastery at the peninsula of Bol bay.


The hotel is located just by the beach, therefore this venue has a perfect match of radiant white stone, sparkling sea and pine tree forest along with huge cultural tradition. The piece and tranquility of the surrounding creates a perfect ambiance for an elegant wedding ceremony and reception with a remarkable sea view. Exquisite cuisine and a selection of finest national and foreign vines along with extraordinary service of Hotel’s staff is a guarantee of a perfect choice for your wedding and holiday in Bol.

This venue has a capacity of 70 pax indoors and up to 200 on the hotel terrace.


The most beautiful beach in Croatia, a symbol of this country of 1000 islands, is Zlatni rat (Golden Horn). It’s worthwhile, if not to stay for longer, than just a day to enjoy her exquisite beauty. When choosing a destination wedding, one selects a place on Earth worthy of a most important day in life, moved by its beauty, uniqueness and emotion it makes.


Everybody who visit Bol, island Brač, and Zlatni rat, gets dazzled by its beauty and often choose exactly Bol for their wedding. Besides amazing spots for wedding ceremony like Dominican Monastery Garden, Zlatni rat Beach or for a church wedding, Church of Our Lady of Karmel or Saint Anthony’s Chapel, by choosing the right reception venue, your idea of a wedding becomes complete. If you desire a perfect venue for rustic wedding ceremony in authentic Dalmatian garden of olive trees, you have found it in Mali raj. Just by this gorgeous beach ‘Mali Raj (Little Paradise)’ is situated. The entrance has a courtyard with manicure lawns and well trimmed olive trees that creates a sense of being under a green canopy. Completely in harmony with Dalmatian ambience, built in stone, positioned inside an old olive grove with ancient olive trees and vineyards, Mali raj offers a true feeling of homey atmosphere with Mediterranean ambience. Carefully selected details of the island’s heritage, with the menu based on traditional Dalmatian cuisine with a modern twist and carefully selected vine list. This venue is perfect for organizing weddings and other events for up to 80-100 guests.


Family farm household in island inland just above Supetar is a beautiful Restaurant built in white stone and mainly a huge olive grove surrounded by stone wall with a vast and beautiful agriculture field planted with organic fruit, vegetables and herbs mainly used in Ranjak’s cuisine.


To be given a chance to taste a fig picked from a tree just above you, where you enjoy a glass of prosecco or great red vine from island Brač, to be dazzled by enchanting smells of lavender and rosemary fields or taste the olive oil from a hundred year old trees around you, already pictures the hedonism you may experience when visiting Ranjak.

Homemade pasta, authentic Brač cheese, „vitalac“, famous peka dishes, homemade pastry and so much more are the reason why this fantastic venue has so many devoted guests for years. The romantic scenery simply evokes a homey atmosphere you search for a Mediterranean wedding reception venue with tradition, and this time with authentic Dalmatian accent. Ranjak is an ideal place for family gatherings, with a children playground and a beautiful setting inside in case of bad weather. This venue is fit for small and bigger weddings and events, from 70 to 200 guests.


Vidova Gora is the highest peek on island Brač and the whole Central Dalmatian island region. Breathtaking view of all the islands in the area and blue Adriatic sea creates a holistic experience we find ideal for an intimate wedding ceremony.