Dear Ivana, Tina, and Jelena, 

How are you? I guess you have tons of work…that you are doing great and with best quality!

There are plenty of beautiful memories when remembering 4th of Sep! Everything was great….the church,the priest,the ceremony,the all surroundings at the Split old-town,the Sustipan views and crazy-walk through people at the beach –  but we are happy that we did it and if it would be needed to repeat, I would not change anything for now (maybe only one thing-I would learn and make Darius learn the first dance – even a few steps 🙂

Also our best reviews on the restaurant! Everyone were super happy. So all in all, everything including your work, was excellent. It was nice to meet you and your team! Sorry for late „thank you“, but really – we want to say a big and sincere THANK YOU! 🙂

Wish you non-stoppable smooth work and easy-clients :))

Beatrice & Darius

Everything began with a magical proposal…and then the work began…at the beginning we were unsure and struggling of involving a wedding planner…but at the end of the day we knew living far away and organizing a wedding where you don’t actually live makes it though. During our research we found this beautiful website my Promessi and I can tell you as detailed and full of love the website is created… as lovely and professional is the crew.  I’m having a hard time putting my gratitude into words.

Ivana, Jelena and Tina, thank you a million times over for your support. You went above and beyond and we were so grateful that we had you guys as “our rock” during this time…

Sending lots of love, 

Katarina & Tonći