Solin Venues

Manastirine Necropolis is the best preserved, explored and maintained complex at Salona and a building named Tusculum after Cicero’s villa near Rome, precisely to imitate the famous Roman politician and philosopher. There is a beautiful garden with the fountain and nicely decorated promenade framed by stone columns with various capitols near the southern side of the building.


It was built in the spirit of those times, with a large number of fragments installed, especially fragments of the former bell tower of the Romanesque cathedral in Split. Imagine yourself walking through the alley of antique columns garnished with greenery that creates a natural tunnel, symbolising your ‘fairytale pathway’ towards true love. The unforgettable feeling of harmony of antique Salona mixed with distinctive aromas of Dalmatia and intimacy of specific location of Tusculum, make this place a hidden jewel, created for the couple that desires more for their wedding.