Split Venues

Restaurant Adriatic is one of those places that attracts one with its location, tradition and top service, and has done so for many years. The restaurant is located on Sustipan cliff above the sea, below Marjan hill. Interior of the restaurant is characterised by pure lines and Dalmatian ambience while the glass wall reflects panoramic view of Brač, Šolta, Čiovo and Split sea gate.


The terrace, located in the shade of cliffs and always mildly windy has an unique role in presentation of this venue. Acy marina and view of the city on the one side, and sea view coloured with ships and sailboats in the sunset, on the other side, make this oasis of peace an ideal location for wedding celebration or other events. The restaurant is famous for slow food offer of gastronomic delicatessens and wide offer of national and international vines.


Caffe bar, in the middle of the complex with an exquisite semicircular terrace to which a set of steps decorated with agaves and Mediterranean plants, stones and torches in the evening, is a perfect venue for reception or bachelors/hen party. Location is suitable for events up to 100 guests.