Marjan Churches

Split Venues

Besides the natural beauty of Park Forest Marjan,  overlooking the Adriatic Sea on its three sides and town Split on the one side, here one can find  numerous little churches built in different ages, from 9th till 14th century. Solitude and mystery of these locations, hidden in the pine forests of Marjan hill overlooking the sea, simply embraces their visitors and give the sense of pure romance by hand.


The first one you see on the south side of the promenade is St. Nicholas church erected in 13th century, situated above the First Marjan Panoramic views, then church Madonna of Betlehem from the 14th century and finally St. Jerome from the 15th century built into cliffs with the renaissance hermitage caves.


These three locations offer a unique impression each one in its own way, the sense of modesty, simplicity and silence, perfect for intimate wedding ceremony in the heart of preserved nature and within historical ambience.