Brač Venues

The most beautiful beach by far can become a scene of your wedding. Unique beauty of crystal blue sea and the seaside surrounded by pine trees, cultural heritage of ancient city Vallum and the country side along with the gastronomic perfection of food and vine are the recipe for having a good time.


Bol on island Brač, the oldest place on the seaside is located on the southern side and surrounded by a mountain range of Bolska kruna, the Illyrian hill-fort Kostilo and Vidova gora, the roof of Adriatic. On the west side of Bol there is Zlatni rat, one of the biggest and most beautiful wonders of nature on Adriatic. Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) is a narrow white pebble beach on a promontory near, veering out into the sea (634 m long). On the other hand, at the eastern side of the city, on a small peninsula Glavica lays a silent paradise of Dominican monastery.


Bluesun hotels Borak and Elaphusa, each one at its unique way offer a complete service regarding organisation of your Big Day. Restaurant Borak (capacity, 300 guests) offers a magnificent view of beach Zlatni Rat. Feel like an islander and a satisfied guest at the same time, indulge yourself and love…Dance the night away with the one you cherish under the starry sky with the waves dashing and have all your sense feel the essence of Mediterranean.