January 07 , 2017 wedding

Best of Promessi Weddings 2016

If there is only one word to describe 2016, it would be MAGIC. It exceeded our expectations on so many levels: project based, in terms of visibility and emotional level.

Lots of work and passion turned into success. Couples that trusted us with one of their most important days in their lives were our main inspiration, each one in their own way and a huge kick into truly believing that nothing can stand in our way into making their dreams come truth. No bureaucratic jams, delays in responses, wrong outcomes, health reasons, nothing. And with their happiness, our personal and professional success followed as a result of hard and honest work. All can be done if you surround yourself with good people and love. Friends are everything in life.

Enjoy our small review of best moments in 2016!Photo credit to some of the amazing artists we had the pleasure of working with: Nina Photo, Mihoci Studios, Petar Jurica, Aloha Weddings and Mario Paparela.



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