A whole new Introduction to Promessi
November 14 , 2016 about

A whole new Introduction to Promessi

Blog.com decided to go down. Along with all our posts. Being a spontaneous writer, I have, of course forgotten to save those thoughts and here we are. Starting fresh!

So, hello again! Those who know us, those who don’t, this is it. We are three best friends, really different with our occupations, lifestyles and interests yet with one common passion, weddings! All three from Split, we wanted to offer local knowledge empowered by the experience we took, each at her own corner of the world, travelling, meeting people, learning and getting the know-how to Croatia, especially Split.

Split is more than a home. It’s one crazy, vivid, yet really slow town with the most ambivalent people in the world. You will always feel welcome here, we just love our guests (basically live from tourism) and on the other hand you will feel that pride of being from Split (comparable to ancient Romans) and completely out of proportions. That can irritate some, but usually makes people laugh and embrace that way of thinking, living, enjoying life.

This crazy, yet beautiful town (as locals say, the most beautiful town in the world) offers a lot. Over 1700 years old, Split, with its exceptional history, cultural heritage and unique beauty, and over all, relaxed rhythm of everyday life makes you feel like you are constantly on vacation. That’s exactly the vibe you are looking for if thinking of a destination wedding.

I could talk for hours, as any local who loves her hometown, but wanted to say hi and introduce Tina, Jelena and me, Ivana.

Tina is our youngest and most romantic one. She is in love with love. The way she smiles is almost legendary and her sense for taking away the stress is essential for any project we start. 25 years of living in Mainz, together with the expertise in Economics and Tourism, makes this cat and fast cars lover, our key coordinator for German speaking couples and above all, soul of the team.

Jelena is our creative director and a project manager who has acquired her professional experience by organising cultural and music projects throughout Croatia, as well as within different other event management projects. Art, music, keeping it real, selection and communication with all vendors makes Jelena irreplaceable. Simply got to have an anchor with so many dreamers at the company.

And me, Ivana, I am a mum of two toddlers. That’s my first and the biggest role in life. I am a wife to a wonderful husband and in my spare time, I am obsessed with weddings. I hold MA in Political Science and have gained experience at numerous market projects, office and team management, planning and organization of corporative events, advertising and all kinds of entertaining events and weddings. I am a lover of all things pretty, fashion and food.

So, now that we get to know each other, let’s start talking weddings.  Our way. Mediterranean and pretty.

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.


Photo credit Mario Paparela

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